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VeraEdge Starter Kit – Lite Impress Single Kit

$563.00 $535.00 inc. GST

HANCAN Exclusive VeraEdge Z-Wave Starter Kit allow you to get started with Smart Home Automation with ease. We offer several VeraEdge Z-Wave Starter kits, which contain a number of components that will get you started with home automation.

This Starter Kit Includes…

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If you are new to home automation, any of the HANCAN exclusive VeraEdge Starter Kit is the perfect foundation for your Z-Wave enabled smart home automation.

VeraEdge Starter Kit – Lite Impress Single Kit requires a qualifies electrician for the installation of the Clipsal wall light switches as well as the Z-Wave switch and dimmer modules.

HANCAN Professional Service is available at your service as an option if you would like us to carry out the installation. We service Sydney Metropolitan Area. If you are located outside Sydney, we can assist you with finding a qualified electrician and/or qualified smart home engineer/technician. Please contact us on sales@hancan.com.au

VeraEdge Home Controller AU

The VeraEdge Home Controller is a reliable, affordable Z-Wave Gateway which allows you to create and control your very own Z-Wave smart home.

  • Control over 220 devices at a time from VeraEdge (can be extended to even more)
  • Supports all Z-Wave certified devices in AUS/NZ/BR frequency of 921.42MHz, including Z-Wave Plus!
  • WPS easy push button pairing for Wi-Fi devices
  • User-friendly app for Apple IOS and Google Android with 300 plug-ins
  • Geo fencing feature lets your house or office know when you’re coming or going
  • No monthly fees
  • One of the most resourceful smart home communities online
  • Frequent firmware updates
  • Local Z-Wave control of devices so your scenes and schedule work even without Internet
  • One-touch control of your entire system
  • View all your cameras and control all your devices from one easy app
  • See and control your system from any smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world (where there’s Internet)
  • Save money on energy, automatically!
  • Wireless communications makes installation a breeze in any home or small business
  • Easy, intuitive setup with simple Q&A format; adding devices later is easy too with preconfigured settings for most devices
  • No monthly fees required!

The newest Z-Wave. The best Z-Wave.

Introducing the first Z-Wave Plus Certified Gateway Controller in Australia and New Zealand.

Featuring the latest Z-Wave 500 Series chipset… Faster. Further. More secure.

Take control of your Z-Wave enabled smart home.

Your personal dashboard.

You get a screen that lets you command and tailor VeraEdge control functions from your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet – Wherever. Whenever. Even automatically.

Your personal assistant.

It makes possible all kinds of conveniences and savings that you’ll appreciate from day one, and come to love more and more over time as you start to see all the things it can do for you.

What can you do with VeraEdge?

With more than 1,200 compatible Z-Wave devices the possibilities are nearly endless.

From lights to locks. Thermostats to motion sensors. VeraEdge gives you the freedom of choice – Today and tomorrow.

Vera is your gateway to all these benefits:


Control your energy, your security and your moods! Easily replace your existing “dumb” wall switches and dimmers with smart ones that can be controlled and automated from anywhere.


Take control of your home’s energy usage by monitoring and measuring the power your home appliances and lighting are consuming. Save energy. Save money.


Your heating and cooling systems are the biggest energy gobbler in your home. With smart, remote-controllable thermostats you’ll save on heating and cooling bills in no time – and always be comfortable.


Vera lets you bring together the large range of Z-Wave security products to create a secure, safe environment for you and your family. From locks, to motion, to cameras, Vera has you covered.


Scenes allow you to group Z-Wave devices together to create the perfect mood. Ready to watch a movie? Vera will get everything ready (including the popcorn) with the press of one button.


Vera brings a level of intelligence to your home that will simply amaze you. Automatically trigger Z-Wave devices or scenes based on environmental conditions, time of day, temperature and more.

Clipsal Impress

The Z-Wave Single Kit contains necessary setup to automate a single light circuit control function, which includes 1 x DHS Z-Wave In-Wall Single Switch and 1 x Clipsal Impress series 1 Gang wall plate with 1 x Impress push button. Push button is used to turn a single light circuit ON/OFF. This set allows manual and remote control of one lighting circuit. It allows you to control your lights manually with push buttons or remotely from your Z-Wave remote, iPhone/iPod/iPad or Android device (requires a Z-Wave home controller).

The Z-Wave Single Kit also contains necessary setup to automate a single light circuit dimming control function, which includes 1 x DHS Z-Wave In-Wall Single Dimmer and 1 x Clipsal Impress Series 2 Gang wall plate with 2 x Impress push buttons. For each of the pair of buttons, one button is used to dim the light while the other button is used to brighten the light.

The Z-Wave Single Kit allows manual and remote control of two light circuits, one for on/off other with dimming function. It allows you to control your lights manually with push buttons or remotely from your Z-Wave remote, iPhone/iPod/iPad or Android device (requires a Z-Wave home controller).

The Clipsal Impress series wall plate is available in multiple colours including:

  • White
  • Chrome
  • Gold
  • Brushed Aluminium
  • Brushed Brass

Clipsal Impress Series Push-Button Wall plates available in different colours, just click here.

Note: Please, specify in your order comments the colour of the Clipsal plate you require.

Please Note:

  • This product must be installed by a qualified electrician.
  • Before engaging an electrician, check that they provide an electrical compliance certificate.
  • For warranty claim you have to provide an installation compliance certificate from your electrician.
  • Do not mix the load type as this will result in improper function of the dimmer. This will void the dimmer’s warranty.
  • The neutral wire is not required for the dimmer to function. Using it will void the dimmer’s warranty.

PHILIO Z-Wave Multi-Sensor 

The PHILIO Z-Wave Multi-Sensor allows you to detect motion and to measure a room’s ambient temperature and light intensity. When included into a Z-Wave network with a home automation controller or Z-Wave gateway it can be used to trigger scenes and activate other Z-Wave devices within your Z-Wave network. It can also alert the user of intruders via their Z-Wave gateway.

The PHILIO Z-Wave Multi-Sensor supports Over the Air (OTA) firmware updates and reports its battery status making it very easy to maintain.

VeraEdge Starter Kits Comparison

VeraEdge + Clipsal Starter Kit Lite Impress Single Kit Lite Impress Double Kit Lite Saturn Single Kit Lite Saturn Double Kit Deluxe Saturn Single Kit Premium Saturn Double Kit
VeraEdge Home Controller AU 1 1 1 1 1 1
CLIPSAL Impress Single Light Switch 1
CLIPSAL Impress Double Light Switch 1
CLIPSAL Saturn Single Light Switch 1 1
CLIPSAL Saturn Double Light Switch 1 1
CLIPSAL Impress Single Light Dimmer 1
CLIPSAL Impress Double Light Dimmer 1
CLIPSAL Saturn Single Light Dimmer 1 1
CLIPSAL Saturn Double Light Dimmer 1 1
PHILIO Z-Wave Multi-Sensor 1 1 1 1 1 1
FIBARO Door/Window Sensor 1 1
zCONNECT Z-Wave Garage Door Opener 1 1
VistaCam 700 Indoor IP Cam 1 1
VistaCam 1000 Outdoor IP Cam 1 1
PHILIO Z-Wave Smoke Sensor 1 1
KAS Z-Wave Keypad Lock 1
VBell VideoVoIP Intercom 1
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Total Value $563 $692 $635 $793 $1,400 $2,277
Starter Kit Price $535 $657 $603 $753 $1,330 $2,163