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INSTEON Plug-In Dimmer

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Add INSTEON control to a dimmable plug-in light with the Plug-In Dimmer. Can be controlled by any INSTEON controller.

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A full-featured plug-in lamp dimmer that can be remotely controlled by any INSTEON controller. Features an adjustable ramp rate, preset dim level and local control. Dual-mesh technology receives power line and RF commands.

  • Easy DIY “plug and play” operation
  • Add INSTEON control to your plug-in dimmable lighting
  • Works with dimmable loads up to 300 Watts
  • Suitable for incandescent lights and dimmable transformers
  • Award-winning INSTEON technology provides superior reliability

Easy “plug & play” installation

The sleek, discrete INSTEON Plug-In Dimmer makes adding customisable, fully dimmable remote control to your lamps as easy as plug and play. It’s home automation at its simplest and most convenient.

How it works

Simply plug the module into a power point and then connect a lamp or other light fitting (up to 300W max) into the module. You’ll then have control of the light from any INSTEON Controller, including remote control, automated (scheduled) control and scenes. Combine this INSTEON module with the INSTEON Hub?for control via your computer or Apple / Android smartphones and tablets – from around your home or anywhere in the world.



Product Name: INSTEON Plug-In Dimmer
Product Code: 2632-522
Regions: Australia and New Zealand
In the box: INSTEON Plug-In Dimmer
Warranty: 2 Years


INSTEON Powerline Mesh Repeater: Yes
INSTEON RF Mesh Repeater: Yes
INSTEON Controller: Yes
INSTEON Responder: Yes
Maximum links/scenes: 400
Load brightness levels: 32 locally (256 with software)
Status LED: Green / On, Red / Off, Blinks green or red during setup, Blinks red to indicate traffic (must be enabled via software)
LED brightness: Adjustable from off to 100% bright
Local on-level: Adjustable from 32 fixed brightness levels or resume dim
Local ramp rate: Adjustable from 0.1 second to 5 seconds locally (0.1 seconds to 8 minutes with software)
Beep on button press: Beeps red to indicate traffic (must be enabled via software)
Commands supported as controller: On / Off, Fast On / Fast Off, Begin brighten / End brighten, Begin dim / End dim
Commands supported as responder: On / Off, Fast On / Fast Off, Begin brighten / End brighten, Begin dim / End dim, Incremental brighten / Incremental dim, Beep
Software configurable: Yes
RF range: Up to 50 meters feet open air
Phase detect beacon: Yes
X10 support: Yes
X10 addresses: Any 1 of 256 (unassigned by default)
INSTEON device category: 0x01 dimmable lighting control
INSTEON device subcategory: AUS / NZ (921.0 Mhz), 0x12


Mounting: Standard AC power outlet
Casing: UV stabalized plastic (INSTEON White)
Set button: Yes
Beeper: Yes
Beep on button press: Optional (off by default)
Dimensions: 43mm W x 108mm H x 35mm D
Weight: 130g ? 10g
Operating Conditions: Indoors, 0? C to 40? C, up to 90% relative humidity


Voltage: 100VAC to 240VAC (? 10%)
Frequency: 50/60Hz auto-detected at power-up
Max. load: 300 W at 240VAC
Load types: Lighting: Incandescent, dimmable LED, dimmable CFL, dimmable halogen
User replaceable fuse: Yes
Retain all settings without power: Yes, saved in non-volatile EEPROM
Standby power consumption: <0.75W
Safety approved: Approved for use in Australia and New Zealand
Certifications: AS/NZS 4268, CISPR 22, IEC 60669-2-1