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FIBARO Z-Wave Smoke Sensor

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The Smoke Sensor is an ultralight, perfectly designed battery device that uses both photoelectric and temperature sensors for maximum protection from flaming and smoldering fires. The device is equipped with two types of alarms, a 100dbm build-in siren and an RGB visual indicator. The sensor has a built in Z-Wave range tester and can be applied in both wireless Z-Wave network and any regular wired monitoring and alarm system. The unique feature of the FIBARO Smoke Sensor is a built-in electronic recording device, for the purpose of assisting the investigation of a fire incident or accident.

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The Fibaro Smoke Sensor is a universal, optical Z-Wave smoke sensor. The device can be hard wired (12 or 24 VDC) or battery operated (battery life 3 years*). Smoke detection is signaled through siren and LED diode blinking. Additionally, the smoke sensor signal can be sent to an alarm system or fire alarm system hub, through a NC (normally closed) contact terminals. The optical sensor detects smoke at an early stage of fire, often before flames appear and temperature starts to rise significantly. Moreover the device has a built-in temperature sensor, which can also trigger the alarm once the specified temperatute threshold is exceeded. The Fibaro Smoke Sensor is designed to be placed on a wall or ceiling. LED indicator signals fire, operating mode and used to see if device is within the Z-Wave network. The smoke sensor is designed to operate in confined spaces, under normal conditions (lacking smoke, dust, condensed water vapor).

* Depending on the parameters settings.

Product Details

  • Compatible with any Z-Wave Controller.
  • May be connected to any alarm or fire prevention system by hard wiring NC output
  • Extremely easy installation – simply install it in location prone to fire.
  • Battery or VDC powered.
  • Built-in tamper switch.
  • Alarm is signaled by sound and LED diode.
  • Fire detection through air temperature measuring.
  • Can trigger alarm just by exceeding temperature threshold.
  • 3 levels of sensors sensitivity.
  • Automatic efficiency test performed every 5 seconds.
  • Built-in “black box” allows the device to report and record smoke and temperature readouts.
This product integrates with Australian certified (921.42MHz) Z-Wave controllers:
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Videos / YouTube:Smoke Sensor

Technical Specifications

Product Name
Battery Type
CR123A battery, 3.6 VDC
Operation Range
Radio frequency
921.42 MHz (AU/NZ Z-Wave)
Power Consumption
Operation temperature
0 – 50?C
Measured temperature range 0.5?C (within 0?C – 40?C range)
Temperature measuring accuracy
Size (Diameter)
65 x 28 mm

Installation Instructions and more on Fibaro Manuals Support Page.

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