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Fibaro Home Center 2 Starter Kit – Premium Saturn Double Kit

$3,450.00 $3,277.00 inc. GST

HANCAN Exclusive Fibaro Home Center 2 Z-Wave Starter Kit allow you to get started with Smart Home Automation with ease. We offer several Fibaro Home Center 2 Z-Wave Starter kits, which contain a number of components that will get you started with home automation.

This Starter Kit Includes…


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If you are new to home automation, any of the HANCAN exclusive Fibaro Home Center 2 Starter Kit is the perfect foundation for your Z-Wave enabled smart home automation.

Fibaro Home Center 2 Starter Kit – Premium Saturn Double Kit requires a qualifies electrician for the installation of the Clipsal wall light switches as well as the Z-Wave switch, dimmer and garage door controller modules.

HANCAN Professional Service is available at your service as an option if you would like us to carry out the installation. We service Sydney Metropolitan Area. If you are located outside Sydney, we can assist you with finding a qualified electrician and/or qualified smart home engineer/technician. Please contact us on sales@hancan.com.au

Fibaro Home Center 2 – Smart Home Controller AU/NZ

The FIBARO Home Center 2 Z-Wave gateway is a wireless home controller which allows you to build and manage your own Z-Wave network.

  • Extremely efficient hardware infrastructure
  • Remote access via web or mobile phone
  • Low energy consumption
  • Geo localization – allows you to track your family members
  • SMS notifcation
  • Advanced recovery system
  • Maintains a history of events

The FIBARO Home Center 2 Controller is the brain of the Fibaro system, or any Z-Wave based home automation system.

  • Security
  • Scenes
  • Cameras
  • Climate
  • Notifications
  • Multimedia

The FIBARO Home Center 2 Controller interface gives you easy control over groups of devices responsible for the same function – for example, heating, air conditioning or garden watering. Thanks to the Device Panels, you can easily schedule operations for groups of devices, based on the day of the week or the time of day.

Fibaro devices can be installed in any wall switch box, behind a light switch, roller shutter switch, etc and are compatible with every electrical system. They do not connect permanently to the building’s infrastructure so if you wish to redecorate your apartment, take down some walls and change your interior design they won’t be a problem. Simply take out any given module from the wall and install it in a new location. Thanks to mesh networking, the module will update its location and resume operation.

Almost all automation in the Fibaro System is controlled by ‘Scenes’. These can, for example, turn lights on when motion is detected at particular times of day or make several things happen around your house with the push of a single button on your Z-Wave controller. Most of these scenes can be created using Fibaro’s excellent ‘Graphical Scene Editor’. But some more complex scenes are actually much easier to create using a LUA script, and in some cases can only be created using LUA.

LUA is a programming (scripting) language and is commonly used in home automation controllers to enable users to create more complex control scenes than those supported by the controller’s Scene editor. The FIBARO Home Center 2 Controller‘s scene editor enables you to use a graphical-based editor or a LUA-based editor.

Welcome to the World of Fibaro

The Home Center 2 is the brains of the Fibaro System, or any Z-Wave based home automation system. The Home Center 2 was designed and developed to include many unique features never before seen in home automation controllers. Home Center 2 redefines Z-Wave based home automation and introduces real smart home intelligence.

The Home Center 2 by Fibaro isn’t just an electronic device. It’s also a well designed, innovative and user friendly interface, featuring functions never seen before.

Precision engineering meets intelligent design

Fibaro have put huge emphasis on styling and build quality – Home Center 2 is enclosed in a precision engineered, solid aluminium case. Only the highest quality materials are used throughout. Fibaro Home Center 2 isn’t just well made, true innovation also lives inside…

Intel Atom 1.6Ghz Processor

Thanks to its power and efficiency, Home Center 2 is much, much faster than other Z-Wave gateway controllers. The communication within your Z-Wave network will improve dramatically, resulting in immediate response to Z-Wave commands.

4GB MLC Recovery Disc

Significantly improved security thanks to Fibaro’s proprietary approach to data protection. Each Home Center 2 has its own Recovery Disc, holding system backups, unique to each gateway. This completely prevents unauthorised access to the system.

1GB RAM & 2GB SLC Hard Drive

Large memory fast processor = quick communication between the Fibaro System and Z-Wave devices. Hardware architecture used in the Home Center 2 makes any Z-Wave based home automation system work much faster then ever before.

Quick and Easy Installation

Plug the power cord into the POWER connection and the network cable into a spare LAN socket on your router. Installation is done.

Within 2 minutes of powering on, Home Center 2 will be ready to operate. By default, your Home Center 2 waits to get an IP address from your router. If you are unsure of the IP address that has been automatically assigned – simply hold the RECOVERY button for a while when powering on – Home Center 2 will automatically use a static IP address of

Now type the Home Center 2 IP address into your web browser’s address bar and you will be introduced to the Home Center 2 user interface. Couldn’t be easier.

New possibilities with Linked Devices

Your Home Cener 2 gives you new possibilities thanks to Linked Devices. The Linked Devices function lets you combine multiple devices into one virtual device with combined functionality – for example, 3 heater thermostats plus temperature and humidity sensors.

The primary advantage of this feature is the convenience of being able to control multiple devices at the same time, at the press of one button.

Great convenience using Device Panels

The Home Center 2 interface gives you easy control over groups of devices responsible for the same function – for example, heating, air conditioning or garden watering. Thanks to the Device Panels, you can easily schedule operations for groups of devices, based on the day of the week or time of day.

Set up your command post

You are in total control

Your new command post for your home will be the Fibaro app, with its layout and functionality dependent on your decisions. You can create and modify tables, icons, names in such a way that you will always have those you find most important always at hand – customised by you, for you.

User-friendliness and flexibility of the Fibaro app will make your intelligent Z-Wave system simple and straightforward. You will not need a university degree in engineering or computer science! The Fibaro app makes things easy, so you can get on with more important things.

So easy to automate your home

For comfort, security, energy savings or convenience – Home Center 2 will enable you to easily create living spaces perfectly tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Home Center 2 offers a new, clever approach to creating simple or elaborate automated scenes, grouped devices and conditional events for your Z-Wave enabled home. With it’s user-friendly “drag and drop” interface and easy to understand conditional formatting – creating true home automation scenes and intelligence is simple.

Here’s an example of how easy and powerful it is…

Scene 1: “Rain”

If raining:

close roof windows – turn garden sprinklers OFF – set “it rained” variable to 1

Scene 2 “Turn garden sprinklers on at 6:00 am”

Each day at 6:00 am check if “it rained” (user defined variable):

If not (“it rained” variable = 0) – turn the sprinklers ON.

Example Scene 3 “Reset variable”

If “it rained” and 12 hours passed from that time:

set “it rained” variable value to 0

Geo localisation

Your Home Center 2 gives you another unique functionality – Locating your family members. Now You can always know where your children are, without the need to call them every 5 minutes. Your Home Center 2 will get their location for you.

Geo localisation also allows your home to make decisions based on your location. Almost home… Your home will be ready for your arrival. Headed out… your home will automatically start saving energy when you are not home.

Control and monitor from anywhere

With the Fibaro app for Android or Apple devices, you can easily take control of your home from the comfort of your bed, the office or from half-way around the World.

You are not just connected to your home – you are in total control… and always informed. Customised push notifications, emails or sms messages will alert you to the first sign or trouble – or simply keep you informed of what is going on at home.

Clipsal Saturn

The Z-Wave Double Kit contains necessary setup to automate two light circuits control function, which includes 1 x DHS Z-Wave In-Wall Dual Switch and 1 x Clipsal Saturn series 2 Gang wall plate with 2 x Saturn push button. Push button is used to turn a single light circuit ON/OFF. This set allows manual and remote control of one lighting circuit. It allows you to control your lights manually with push buttons or remotely from your Z-Wave remote, iPhone/iPod/iPad or Android device (requires a Z-Wave home controller).

The Z-Wave Single Kit also contains necessary setup to automate two light circuits dimming control function, which includes 2 x DHS Z-Wave In-Wall Single Dimmer and 1 x Clipsal Saturn Series 4 Gang wall plate with 4 x Saturn push buttons. For each of the pair of buttons, one button is used to dim the light while the other button is used to brighten the light.

The Z-Wave Single Kit allows manual and remote control of four (4) light circuits, two for on/off and other two for dimming function. It allows you to control your lights manually with push buttons or remotely from your Z-Wave remote, iPhone/iPod/iPad or Android device (requires a Z-Wave home controller).

The Clipsal Saturn series wall plate is available in multiple colours including:

  • Pure White (PW)
  • Ocean Mist (OC)
  • Espresso Black (EB)

Clipsal Saturn Series Push-Button Wall plates available in different colours, just click here.

Note: Please, specify in your order comments the colour of the Clipsal plate you require.

This product integrates with all Australian certified (921.42MHz) Z-Wave home controllers including:

  • Vera Edge
  • Fibaro Home Center 2/Lite
  • DHS Z-Wave Universal Remote Controller
  • DHS Z-Wave Mini Remote Controller


Incandescent globes, High Voltage Halogens, Low Voltage Halogens with electronic transformers(Trailing Edge and Leading Edge only)

CFL globes: Dimmable Philips Tornado CFL lamps and similar products.

LEDs: High performance, energy efficient Starburst LED downlight from Pierlite Australia and similar products.

Generic LEDs will NOT work with this product. If you are unsure please talk to your electrician first.

Please Note:

  • This product must be installed by a qualified electrician.
  • Before engaging an electrician, check that they provide an electrical compliance certificate.
  • For warranty claim you have to provide an installation compliance certificate from your electrician.
  • Do not mix the load type as this will result in improper function of the dimmer. This will void the dimmer’s warranty.
  • The neutral wire is not required for the dimmer to function. Using it will void the dimmer’s warranty.

FIBARO Z-Wave Multi-Sensor 

The Fibaro Motion Sensor is a universal Z-Wave multi-sensor. Along with detecting motion the device measures the temperature and light intensity. The sensor has a built-in accelerometer to detect any tampering of the device. The Fibaro Motion Sensor is battery powered device and designed to be installed quckly and easily on any surface. The LED indicator signals motion, temperature level, operating mode and can be used to see if device is within the Z-Wave network. The motion sensor can be used for lighting scenes and security monitoring systems.

Product Details

  • Compatible with any Z-Wave Controller.
  • Compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave Controller (firmware 3.2 or higher).
  • Supports protected mode (Z-Wave network security mode) with AES-128 encryption (firmware 3.2 or higher).
  • Battery powered.
  • Detects motion using a passive IR sensor.
  • Measures the temperature.
  • Measures the light intensity.
  • Easy installation on a wall or any surface.
  • Theft and tampering protection once vibrations are detected, thenotification is sent to the main controller.
  • Detected movement, temperature and vibrations are signalled by the built-in LED diode.
  • Detects vibrations.
  • Built-in accelerometer allows to measure orientation in space.

FIBARO Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor

The FIBARO Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor is a smart magnetic door/window sensor capable of sending binary ON/OFF commands wirelessly using the Z-Wave network (AUS/NZ version 921.42 MHz) when it is triggered.

The detector consists of two magnetic units, one is placed on the moving part of the door or window and the other on the frame. The sensor expands the capabilities of your Z-Wave system by monitoring the opening of doors, windows and garage doors.

The FIBARO Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor?can be used to automatically turn on lights, turn wireless switches ON/OFF and for security applications within the Z-Wave network. It is also useful for climate control systems, monitoring whether any doors or windows are open to ensure that your air-conditioning is not operating when it is not efficient to do so.

This sensor is compatible with the Digital Temperature Probe which further extends your Z-Wave network’s climate control capablities by allowing it to detect the exact temperature in your home.

This product comes in multiple different colours.

FIBARO Z-Wave Garage Door Controller

The Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 is an advanced Z-Wave controller for automated roller blinds, awnings, venetian blinds, garage doors and gates. The module can control devices that are powered by an AC electric motor with “tree wires” interface.

The Roller Shutter module features automatic calibration, so that you can precisely position the blind. It also includes a power metering feature to help you measure the power consumption.

The Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 has five modes that enable it to perfectly control any electric garage door, gate, roller blind, awning or venetian blind. This allows for correct configuration and operation of a device through a special interface icon (via the Fibaro HC2).

  • Roller blinds with positioning
  • Roller blinds without positioning
  • Garage doors with positioning
  • Garage doors without positioning
  • Venetian blind

VistaCam 700 & VistaCam 1000 HD CAMERA

Elegance, HD Resolution, and Wi-Fi with WPS That’s Very Affordable

The VistaCam 700 & 1000 has everything you need for basic camera operation — place it using the supplied swivel mount to show the view you want, and leave it.

The compact, elegant VistaCam 700 & 1000 video camera features wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi operation (with WPS setup), High Definition image quality (HD 720p), built-in IR night illumination, motion detection, great value and easy setup with your Vera system!.

The Wi-Fi is easier to get setup thanks to a WPS button (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). With the VistaCam 700 & 1000 you can keep an eye on your living room, nursery, garage, your small business, cash register, hallway, or anywhere else you want to keep tabs on. You can hear what’s going on too, with the built-in microphone. Plus see even in total darkness with the built-in infrared illumination, up to about 16-feet away. The VistaCam 700 also serves double duty as a motion detector. That’s useful for home and small business security so your camera can start recording when the motion sensor is triggered. It is also handy for automation when used with a gateway like Vera. For example, Vera will automatically turning on a hallway light whenever motion is detected. The VistaCam 700 comes supplied with a sturdy swivel mount base, making it easy to manually adjust the camera angle. This compact camera fits in neatly with any decor.

Product Details

  • HD Image Quality with 720p (1280 x 720) Resolution
  • Motion detection capable via Built-in Software
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with WPS setup button
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Built-in Infrared LED for Night Time Illumination
  • Built-in microphone lets you hear as well as see
  • Dual Video Streaming (H.264, M-JPEG) for High-Quality Videos
  • Compatible with Mobile Phone 3GPP Live Video Streaming
  • 802.11n/b/g Wireless Connectivity Supported with WPS Setup
  • Elegant White Case with Black Accent and Internal Wi-Fi Antenna
  • VistaCam 700 is for indoor use
  • VistaCam 1000 is for outdoor use

FIBARO Z-Wave Smoke Sensor

The Fibaro Smoke Sensor is a universal, optical Z-Wave smoke sensor. The device can be hard wired (12 or 24 VDC) or battery operated (battery life 3 years – depending on the parameters settings). Smoke detection is signaled through siren and LED diode blinking. Additionally, the smoke sensor signal can be sent to an alarm system or fire alarm system hub, through a NC (normally closed) contact terminals. The optical sensor detects smoke at an early stage of fire, often before flames appear and temperature starts to rise significantly. Moreover the device has a built-in temperature sensor, which can also trigger the alarm once the specified temperatute threshold is exceeded. The Fibaro Smoke Sensor is designed to be placed on a wall or ceiling. LED indicator signals fire, operating mode and used to see if device is within the Z-Wave network. The smoke sensor is designed to operate in confined spaces, under normal conditions (lacking smoke, dust, condensed water vapor).

Product Details

  • Compatible with any Z-Wave Controller.
  • May be connected to any alarm or fire prevention system by hard wiring NC output
  • Extremely easy installation – simply install it in location prone to fire.
  • Battery or VDC powered.
  • Built-in tamper switch.
  • Alarm is signaled by sound and LED diode.
  • Fire detection through air temperature measuring.
  • Can trigger alarm just by exceeding temperature threshold.
  • 3 levels of sensors sensitivity.
  • Automatic efficiency test performed every 5 seconds.
  • Built-in “black box” allows the device to report and record smoke and temperature readouts.

KAS Z-Wave Keypad Lock

KAS Z-Wave Keypad Lock (Left or Right Hand Operation) offers the flexible versatility of a wireless and keyless locking solution. The lock is integrated with the popular Z-Wave network protocol which can be integrated into automation building solutions. It features a Master pin code, low battery warning, emergency key override and many more safety features for your convenience.

The KAS Z-Wave lock includes:

  • Master code – You have the ability to change the Master code.
  • User codes – Program up to 10 different user codes.
  • Remote code change – Integrated into the Z-Wave device, the automation management software has the ability to set up, change and revoke the code remotely without being at the lock.
  • Remote unlocking – Using the software interface, the door can be unlocked and locked remotely. It also provides the current status change when the door is locked or unlocked.
  • Low battery warning – The lock will emit a tone notifying the owner to replace the batteries. Normal battery use is approx 12-16 months.
  • Emergency key override – Includes mechanical key barrel and 2 x keys for manual override.
  • Illuminated Keypad – The keypad does not have mechanical buttons, which means your secret pin cannot be traced.
  • Z-Wave networking enabled – The wireless lock is a certified Z-Wave device, which can be integrated easily with any Z-Wave certified home automation system (Australian version). Please note that the available user functions may depend on the functionality of your particular Z-Wave home controller.

VBell Video VoIP Intercom

The VBell Video VoIP Intercom can be placed anywhere; in your home, office or workshop. The intercom’s camera can be accessed at the touch of a button using the VBell app on your smart device. You can also view a list of missed calls with timestamps and snapshots of the caller. No additional fees are required for storage. The VBell Video VoIP Intercom can be integrated into your home automation system as standard VoIP device. This smart device is a must have accessory for any homeowner.

  • Two-way SIP based communication sound system
  • 1280x720P High Definition camera
  • A (single) built in relay output (allows you to control an electrical door lock or alarm)
  • 112 degree wide range lens
  • Keeps a log of missed calls and snapshot images (no additional fees or subscriptions)
  • Supports PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Available in black and white colour

Fibaro Home Center 2 Starter Kits Comparison

Fibaro Home Center 2 + Clipsal Starter Kit Lite Impress Single Kit Lite Impress Double Kit Lite Saturn Single Kit Lite Saturn Double Kit Deluxe Saturn Single Kit Premium Saturn Double Kit
Fibaro Home Center 2 AU/NZ 1 1 1 1 1 1
CLIPSAL Impress Single Light Switch 1
CLIPSAL Impress Double Light Switch 1
CLIPSAL Saturn Single Light Switch 1 1
CLIPSAL Saturn Double Light Switch 1 1
CLIPSAL Impress Single Light Dimmer 1
CLIPSAL Impress Double Light Dimmer 1
CLIPSAL Saturn Single Light Dimmer 1 1
CLIPSAL Saturn Double Light Dimmer 1 1
FIBARO Z-Wave Multi-Sensor 1 1 1 1 1 1
FIBARO Door/Window Sensor 1 1
FIBARO Z-Wave Garage Door Controller 1 1
VistaCam 700 Indoor IP Cam 1 1
VistaCam 1000 Outdoor IP Cam 1 1
FIBARO Z-Wave Smoke Sensor 1 1
KAS Z-Wave Keypad Lock 1
VBell VideoVoIP Intercom 1
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Total Value $1,625 $1,804 $1,697 $1,905 $2,523 $3,450
Starter Kit Price $1,544 $1,714 $1,612 $1,810 $2,397 $3,277