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ebode IR Link Pro – IR Extender Mini Mount

$159.00 inc. GST

Allows control of audio-visual equipment which is located behind a closed cupboard door (or in another room) using existing remote controls. Mini mount IR receiver.

  • Operate your A/V equipment that is out of sight
  • Works with your original remote controls
  • Control up to 6 devices (expandable to 12)

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How it works…

Locate your remote controlled A/V equipment in a closed cupboard, TV cabinet or even in another room. Place the small IR Mini Receiver in view of your remote control. Stick the IR Emitter LEDs onto the front panel of your A/V equipment and place the IR Main Module out of sight.

Point your remote control at the IR Mini Receiver in order to send the appropriate command to the IR Emitter LEDs (via the IR Main Module). These IR Emitter LEDs will then pass the IR signal onto your A/V equipment.

Ebode proprietary eIR2x technology

Featuring exclusive eIR2x (pronounced Irex) technology that guarantees a high level of immunity from infrared noise caused by direct sunlight, CFL lighting and flat panel TVs (including plasma, LCD and LED).


  • Relays infrared remote control signals to hidden audio-visual equipment by means of two detachable infrared extender cables.
  • Can control six devices in a closed cupboard (or otherwise out of sight).
  • Can control up to six further audio-visual devices when used in conjunction with additional infrared extender cables.
  • Equipment can be controlled from up to 300 metres away by extending the infrared receiver cable.
  • Professional mains powered hidden IR solution (mains power adapter included).
  • Wide-band (30-60 kHz) IR support ensures compatibility with almost all audio-visual equipment including Foxtel & Austar.

What’s included…

  • 1 x IR Mini Receiver (Surface Mount including double-sided stick pad)
  • 1 x IR Main Module
  • 2 x IR Emitter LED cables with 3 IR LEDs each (control up to six devices – expandable to 12 devices)
  • 1 x IR Quick Connect Cable
  • 1 x Power Adapter