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CONAN Advanced PIR Motion Sensor

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Wireless PIR Motion Sensor for the Conan DIY Home Security System

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Digital PIR Motion Sensor

Not all motion sensors are built the same, in fact a motion sensor can cause more issues than benefits. Our digital motion sensor avoids false alarms by incorporating advanced CPU processing combined with digital filters and analogue to digital conversions. What does all of this technical jargon mean? Simple, you won’t be alarmed by false alarms.

Main Features:
  • Digital filter, A/D converter and inbuilt advanced CPU processing to avoid false alarms
  • 100 degree field of view which can detect movement up to 12 metres away
  • Advanced digital filter to avoid false alarms from radio noise and sunlight
  • Inbuilt anti-tamper technology
  • Comes with optional swivel mounting bracket for an easy way to affix the sensor to a wall or in a corner and accurately adjust its field of view
  • Powered by CR123A battery (included)
  • Battery life is approximately 3 years
  • Ability to report battery status back to the security console
  • Secure wireless operation up to 50 metres through walls, ceilings and floors
  • 3-year warranty